What’s inside?

What’s included in a Wester subscription?

Having spent the last 5 years marketing our own business online, we know exactly what to do on social media and how to do it. Equally, we know what not to do, so we don’t waste resource and time on areas that won’t make a difference.

When you sign up to a Wester monthly subscription, we will use all our insight and expertise to make it a success for you and your business.

We believe in doing things properly, so instead of setting up a basic package which is useless without a bunch of add-ons, we include everything from the word go.

That’s why our monthly subscription fee includes photography & content creation, strategy and community engagement as standard.

Every Wester subscription, regardless of how many social platforms we use, includes the following:

Beautiful photography
With professional equipment & editing software, strong passion and the expertise to know what works well on social media, we’ll capture your business at its best.

Content creation
There’s more to it than beautiful photos. The content has to be well planned and displayed in context. We’ll put something together that engages your audience.

Strategic expertise
We will plan and execute the most effective social media campaigns with a view to reaching as many individual people as possible. Beating the algorithm and riding the wave.

A fine consumer experience
We will reply to messages from customers and followers, creating a familiar, rewarding and personal experience to make your business stand out from the competition.

Energetic business input
As business owners ourselves, and with years of combined experience in the accountancy profession, we can add extra value outside of the social media world.

Community engagement
This is where we actively target potential customers in the right way. Over 80% of exposure and interaction comes through being sociable on social media, believe it or not.

As well as all of that, we’ll market your business on our own social media channels.

Collaboration is key to life on social media, so to give something back to our clients and customers, we’ll advertise your business on our channels at no additional cost.

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