Targeted marketing using all the intel statistics available

Gone are the days of not knowing

Social media marketing is advanced.

If you pay for an advert in a magazine or newspaper, or on the radio, you may have a rough idea of the reach but you won’t know for sure, despite what you’re told. You certainly won’t be able to affect who it reaches nor the impact it has on your business.

Social media allows us to analyse your follower demographic and tailor your posts so that they have the most impact and drive the best results. We do it for our own business and it works.

There are many tools we can use that ensure your posts are exposed to the people who want to see them. It’s about intelligence and using the tools at our disposal to benefit you.

Numbers don’t lie

With social platforms like Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook and Twitter, you can see how well your posts perform. This gives an insight into what your followers like and what makes them more likely to spend their money with you.

Wester Social media marketing isn’t a speculative guessing game, it’s precise and efficient.

Paid social media advertising has to be done properly…

If you’re looking to pay to advertise on social media, we can control the demographic you reach. We can ensure that you’re targeting the people who are most likely to engage with your posts and buy from your business.

Don’t risk it and guess, it’s a serious thing. Social media marketing is expensive, especially if it’s not done properly. We measure the success of promoted posts by the revenue they generate (and the profit they make), not the number of likes they get.

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